Monday, June 29, 2015

Tangled: Collection update.

I...... I don't what to say, I don't know what happened. It's completely out of control. ._.

Oh! And after 4 years of searching for a perfect condition and decent price for my grail Rapunzel figurine. I finally found her: A Limited Edition 1/750 "Braided Beauty" porcelain figurine! She is the last figure made for the Walt Disney Classics Collection before Disney cancelled the line. Shame, all the collectibles form this line are GORGEOUS. She is one of the lowest count releases too, so she's very rare. I don't think there's a more movie-accurate figurine out there. Her face and body proportions are PERFECT in every way, down to the blue flower on the back of her hair. 
Definitely my favorite Punzie collectible to date. I loooove her :D!

This is probably like 1/3 of my Tangled collection. These are pics taken months apart because I cannot have it all displayed, it's all boxed up in storage. Someday I'll have it all together and make a decent post. Until then, random update pics like this. KTHXBYE.

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