Saturday, June 28, 2014

Twilight: Renesmee Tonner Doll.

Is there a word in the English language that means "the moment when you receive the ultimate article you have been dreaming for years about and it's finally in your collection"? No? Well, damn. I'll just go with: Renesmazing!!

Those who have been following my journey through the deep waters of the Twilight fandom know I've been asking and dreaming about this doll for so long, I probably should have given up on her a long time ago, but I always held on to hope! Finally, two years after the final Twilight movie, Breaking Dawn part 2 came out, this doll went into production. She was very close to being cancelled by Tonner because obviously the movie hype has cooled down, there isn't any demand for new Twilight toys, however, Robert Tonner had promised to make this doll, and he totally kept his word!

Renesmee is a limited edition of 500 dolls, and for not doing anything like speaking, glowing or moving she is kinda pricy (as pricy as a full size doll), but for collectors like myself, she is rare and shinny jem! There are very few Nessie collectibles in the market. We did get tons of Edward and Bella dolls from Mattel, Neca and Tonner themselves, but this is the ONLY official Renesmee doll out there.

The only other two worthwhile Ness collectibles are her "Plus Que Ma Propre Vie" locket and the Jacob's braided bracelet (both made by NECA). I don't know why they didn't produce much more from this character even though she has an important part in Breaking Dawn, but every piece is really significant and treasured.

Here she is, posed in a "let me show you my thoughts" position, hehehe.

I'll be honest here: There is really not much resemblance between the doll and Mackenzie Foy. The little actress is so mind-blowingly pretty and sweet yet this doll looks a bit too wide-faced and too adult. The paint job doesn't resemble her much either. There are other details I'm iffy about. Jacob's braided bracelet is nothing like the movie prop, it's basically a red hairy string with a huge buckle and a oversized square charm that came outta nowhere. The locket is also a slight disappointment. The movie locket has a Fleur de lis on the lid, while the doll's locket has some kind of... Medusa? A portrait of sorts that really has nothing to do with anything. I'm not super mad about them tho. I have an official Renesmee doll in my collection and that's all that matters. xD! 

Now that I have all the dolls/collectibles/props replicas/books/mangas/DVD sets I wanted, I can consider my Twilight collection officially COMPLETE. Yessss! There is no other article out there that is my grail item anymore (unless we're talking actual movie props and/or autographed memorabilia). It feels like graduation, but one never actually graduates from a fandom, hahaha! Hopefully there is more out there in the Twilight Saga's distant future whether it be more books, a reboot, an anime (there were rumors of an anime back when the first movie came out) a show that focuses on Jake and Nessie, or whatever! For now I'm just glad to breathe a sigh of relief after running a 7 year-long marathon to get to this happy point. n.n!!

And this also concludes Twilight posts on Random Fandom as well..... UNLESS more stuff comes out of course XD!

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